Fuz Eller
Fuz is the main geek in charge at Euphony, Inc.  He's is a retired U.S. Air Force Airborne Cryptologic Linguist with a long list of "interesting" experiences.  Along the way, Fuz picked up a number of odd skills, excellent leadership experience, fabulous friends and a serious interest in technology, innovation and curiosity in general.  He can also say "toy boat" three times, fast.

After leaving his 20+ year Air Force career, Fuz lucked into a gig with a large Defense contractor, doing research and development.  He quickly learned this was a perfect alignment of his talents and the notion of working with wicked-smart people to solve difficult problems.  In his last six years there, he was the Principal Investigator of an advanced R&D program to develop new speech synthesis methods.

Fuz happily geeks out with speech signal analysis, phonology, phonetics and investigating new ways to look at speech signal problems.  His hobbies include making art out of sound spectrograms, tinkering with antique radio receivers and cooking.
Steve Morphet
Steve is Euphony's Lead Computer Scientist. With more than 20 years solving hard problems, Steve has put his Computer Engineering Ph.D. up against a number of different domain challenges.  He brought his computational intelligence expertise to the speech audio world in 2008, which contributed to novel solutions and inventions. 

Steve has filled all software roles, from software engineer / system architect to research lead.  Since moving to Euphony, he's broadened his experience with mobile apps and cross-platform development.  He has a direct tie to the assistive tech space, having co-founded Enabling Tech Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that advises on technology solutions to improve the lives of people with disabilities and special needs.

Follow Steve's blog at STEVEMORPHET.WEEBLY.COM